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United Communications Customer Spotlight: Carolyn Farrar

As Director of Operations for the Metro Transit Authority in Nashville, Carolyn Farrar understands the importance of providing the public with service they can count on.

“I limped along for a long time with the service I had with AT&T. The connection was slow, and it wasn’t reliable. Even when I paid for an upgrade, they came out here and told me there was no way they’d be able to connect me with something better. So it was a real miracle when I learned United Communications was coming.”

Carolyn lives in the town of Smyrna, located about 30 minutes southeast of downtown Nashville. She often works from home, so her need for a fast and dependable internet connection is crucial.

Service You Can Rely On

United Communications expanded its fiber internet service to Carolyn’s neighborhood in 2021 as part of Project UNITE, the service provider’s initiative to expand broadband service to under-connected communities in Middle Tennessee.

The expansion was made possible by the partnership United Communications formed in 2018 with Middle Tennessee Electric, the state’s largest electric cooperative. Through the partnership, United Communications has expanded broadband access to underserved communities across seven counties in Tennessee. Carolyn is one of thousands of Tennesseans now benefiting from these specific expansion efforts.

Carolyn says the benefits of becoming a United Communications customer were clear right away and continue to this day.

“From installation to their customer service, it’s all been straightforward and simple. They came and hooked it up, and then all I did was set my password and it automatically connected with no issue. It runs my phone, my Roku, my Firestick, and my virtual reality headset. There are no connection issues. It’s fast, it’s reliable, and it’s all been seamless.”

Carolyn says that the internet is now something she rarely thinks about because she doesn’t have to. Her access through United Communications is dependable and affordable.

Local Service Matters 

“Something I want people to know is that my bill hasn’t fluctuated. The service I get with United has cost me the same amount since the get-go, and I’ve been very impressed and very happy with that.”

Carolyn’s story serves as further proof that United Communications is carrying out its mission to enrich our communities and the lives of our neighbors through reliable connections and passionate service.

If you are a home or business owner in Middle Tennessee, we’d love to connect with you! To see if fiber is available in your area, please contact United Communications or visit our website for more information.