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Dark Fiber for Businesses

Maximum security and scalability for enterprise organizations

Control and Customize Your Network With Dark Fiber

Organizations that regularly transmit sensitive data — from government institutions to schools and retail businesses — need the fast, highly secure capabilities of dark fiber.

With dark fiber, you control an exclusive, private network that includes a direct connection between enterprise sites, cell towers, or data centers. United’s state-of-the-art fiber-optic infrastructure provides the fastest and most efficient end-to-end path, and your organization can upgrade and scale on your timeline and terms.

Key Benefits of a Dark Fiber Network

Better performance
With almost limitless bandwidth, your dark fiber network reliably supports real-time e-commerce, HD video conferencing, high-speed backups, cloud connectivity, and more.
More security
By controlling and running your own dark fiber network, you’re the sole tenant — your digital operations never touch your network provider’s or other customers’ traffic.
Full future-proofing ​
Dark fiber puts scaling and growth capabilities entirely in your hands, so your organization can easily update equipment to drive performance as technology evolves and improves.

A dark fiber network is built to your needs, simple to scale, and blazing-fast, with symmetric speeds up to 10 Gig. And you have full control, including protocols, monitoring, and management.

Upgrade to Dark Fiber

United's business development team can shape the best high-speed internet solution for your organization.