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Fixed Wireless Internet for Businesses

Consistent speed, reliable service

A Crucial Connection for Small Businesses

Speeds up to 60 Mbps

Fixed wireless internet is an ideal solution for small to midsized businesses that don't have access to fiber infrastructure but need fast, reliable service. And as a solution for network redundancy, United's fixed wireless internet operates on a different network than your primary internet, so you're assured that your business stays operational at all times.

Fixed Wireless Business Internet Plans

No matter the size of your business, we have a plan for you. Contact one of our business specialist to learn about the best option for your needs.

Plan 1

$ xx Monthly

Plan 2

$ xx Monthly

Plan 3

$ xx Monthly

Quality products and exceptional customer experience — it's not going out of our way, it is our way.

Is Fiber Internet in Your Future?

Through our Project UNITE initiative (in partnership with Middle Tennessee Electric and Duck River Electric), United Communications is connecting more of Middle Tennessee every day. We’re steadily expanding our fiber internet infrastructure, and if our fiber optic broadband service isn’t already available at your business address, it may be on the way.

Ask About Contract Buyouts


Talk to our team about a $500 contract buyout, available when you switch your business internet and phone services to United Communications.

Ready to Upgrade?

Connect with Middle Tennessee's best fiber internet.