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Metro Ethernet Services for Businesses

Share between sites quickly, seamlessly, and securely

High Bandwidth, Lower Cost

With dedicated Metro Ethernet Services, your organization can share bandwidth-intensive data between locations as simply, seamlessly, and securely as you would over the same Local Area Network. Data backup, credit card processing, video conferencing, file sharing — Metro-E networks meet the high-data traffic demands of your business by guaranteeing access to all available bandwidth, at a lower cost than traditional circuits and with the speed and reliability of fiber.

Benefits of Metro Ethernet

  • Secure, private connections
  • Increased efficiency
  • Scalable capacity
  • VLAN transparency
  • Performance reporting

The Right Metro-E Model

Our team can help you determine the Metro Ethernet service that suits your business best.

United Metro-E networks include:

Ethernet Private Line

Point to Point

Connect two locations for private, secure, and seamless data sharing that meets the demands of bandwidth-heavy applications.

Ethernet Virtual Private Line

Point to Multipoint

Simplify and streamline your network management by connecting multiple locations on a single private network with a dedicated hub.

Ethernet Network Service

Multipoint to Multipoint

Link all your locations and maximize efficiency by sharing data with high speed, high bandwidth, high security, and low latency.

No matter the size and scope of your business, United can provide access to today’s most advanced communications solutions.

Get Started

Find the right Metro-E network to grow with your business.