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Dedicated Internet Access

Speed and security, exclusive to your business

The Ultimate in High-Performance Connectivity

A Dedicated Internet Access (or DIA) connection from United gives your business guaranteed symmetrical bandwidth — the same blazing-fast download and upload speeds over our state-of-the-art fiber optic network.

There’s no better connection option for enterprise businesses that need peak bandwidth and peak speed to keep a continuous link between their LAN and the public internet.

United’s DIA delivers
  • Standard speeds up to 10 Gig, with faster speeds available.
  • We offer connectivity to our extensive and expanding fiber optic network; Leave copper and cable behind.
  • Our highly secure network becomes your secured network. Ask us about our enhanced DDoS offer.
  • State-of-the-art connectivity that starts at your premises and can grow with your business as you add bandwidth or add locations.
  • United integrates into your existing infrastructure. Bring your own router, bring your own switch, bring your own firewall, bring your own SD-WAN appliance. 
  • Have a primary connection to another provider? United can provide you with options for a robust load balancing, failover, or redundant internet connection. 
  • Leverage United’s best-in-class internet services to provide critical business interconnections between your remote locations.

Ready to Upgrade?

Better performance, guaranteed service, and faster troubleshooting. Talk to one of our United Enterprise Representatives to learn how you can have a continuous internet connection.