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Dark Fiber

United’s state-of-the-art fiber network provides the fastest and most direct and efficient path from end-to-end. And costs are predictable, easy to scale, and built to your needs.

Government institutions, schools, e-commerce, and retail companies are some of the many who can benefit from dark fiber. These particular organizations require fast and secure internet capabilities due to the transmission of large files of sensitive data.

Why Dark Fiber?

Better Performance
Dark Fiber delivers a higher level of network assurance able to reliably support the full gamut of business applications, from real-time e-commerce, high-definition video conferencing and other multi-media applications to high-speed backups, connecting with the cloud and others. It’s also extremely scalable.

More Secure
Running your network on infrastructure where you’re the only tenant offers a level of security from the start that other network services find hard to deliver. None of your traffic – and therefore none of your digital operations – touch those of your network provider, nor any of their customers.

Future Proof
Technology continues to evolve and improve, so a company or organization can update their equipment to drive better performance whenever they like.

Organizations can choose from a wide array of ‘technologies’ in building the network that best meets its individual needs.

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